The UW Center for Global Health Nursing (CGHN) is excited to announce a new partnership with Omprakash, a Seattle-based global education nonprofit, which will increase study abroad opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate-level UW nursing students. Omprakash works with organizations around the world to create internships where they need help the most. They created the UW Global Research, Internships and Service Program (GRISP) which enrolls students in a pre-departure training course so students can get the most out of their internship and avoid common mistakes while abroad.

Students, interested in applying?

The application process for the program is easy and is student-led, all you have to do is sign into the Omprakash portal. From there, you will search for organizations that align with your goals as a global health nurse. (Tip: there is a Health & Wellness content area that might help narrow your search!) Each organization posts the internships they have a need for and you would apply for directly to them through the Omprakash portal. You have the ability to work with the organization beforehand to communicate goals and job descriptions.

Need help with funding? No problem! Scholarships are available through the CGHN (up to $4,000) and the process is already embedded into the tasks in the portal. We understand that you may not have an internship finalized by the time the scholarship application is due, however, we encourage you to find two or three organizations that will be applying for and answer application questions based on those choices.

Some extra materials you will need for your scholarship application include:

  • Current CV
  • Faculty Recommendation to be sent to by March 20, 2020
  • Proposed Budget

If you have specific questions about the Omprakash program, you can contact Willy Oppenheim at who will be happy to meet one on one to answer any questions!

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