Co-Directors – Pam Kohler & Sarah Gimbel

Center for Global Health Nursing Directors Pam Kohler & Sarah Gimbel


Sarah Gimbel, an Associate Professor in the Department of Child, Family and Population Health Nursing, co-directs the UW’s Center for Global Health Nursing, and holds an adjunct position in the Department of Global Health. She is an established implementation researcher with extensive experience leading and supporting complex, multi-country implementation research in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Her research expertise includes the development and testing of interventions to strengthen health systems and improve the reach and quality of health services. She has ongoing projects in Mozambique, Kenya, Peru, and Washington State, and works in the areas of HIV/AIDS, hypertension and primary health care.

Pamela Kohler holds a joint appointment in Psychosocial and Community Health (School of Nursing) and the Department of Global Health. She completed her nursing training at Johns Hopkins University and worked clinically in HIV care and Emergency Departments for seven years. Dr. Kohler received her PhD in Nursing and MPH in Health Services from the University of Washington. Her research explores engagement in HIV care, adolescent HIV service delivery, and access to sex education for pregnancy and STD prevention. She is particularly interested in improving HIV testing and treatment services for adolescents and in working with healthcare providers to improve the quality of HIV and STD service delivery. Through the International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH) in Global Health, Dr. Kohler leads a field epidemiology training program and evaluates STD/HIV treatment and prevention programs and policies in sub- Saharan Africa.


Casey Thomson is the Program Manager for the Center for Global Health Nursing. She received her BA in Anthropology (MAGH) from the UW. Since then she has worn many hats; education evaluation, fundraising, managing a small business non-profit, playing/teaching the violin, and even some time in the wine industry. She comes from a long line of health workers which increases her respect for nurses and their work every day. Being Program Manager for the Center combines her desire for worldwide health equity, and her ability to juggle many different tasks in order to help the helpers.