population health

March 11, 2020

Student Profile: Julie Skene

Photo of Julie Skene

Julie Skene is the first nurse to enroll in the DNP- Population Health Nursing & Global Health MPH Concurrent Degree Program (learn more here!) The Center for Global Health Nursing asked Julie a few questions about her passion for nursing and why she decided to pursue this concurrent degree program. Why did you choose nursing?…

October 7, 2019

Two SoN Students Part of Population Health Initiative’s 2019 Applied Research Fellowship

Two School of Nursing students were part of the Population Health Initiative’s 2019 Applied Research Fellowship. Jane Kim (DNP Student) and Michelle Shin (PhD Student) spent 10 weeks during the summer to analyze the maternity and infant wraparound services provided by First Steps to low-income individuals. To learn more about their findings and more about…