The Hegyvary Citizens of the World Scholarship (HCOTW) is available to any student currently enrolled in a UW School of Nursing degree program.  It encourages and assists students to seek experiences of immersion in health care and society in a culture very different from their own, either internationally or in the United States.

Dean Emeritus Sue T. Hegyvary, who taught in Uzbekistan, implemented the Citizens of the World Scholarship as an outgrowth of multiple interests and opportunities within the School. A tile is featured in the Peace Park of Seattle’s sister city, Tashkent, and reads: “citizens of the world.”

This scholarship supports travel expenses for experiences that extend significantly beyond course requirements. Students:

  • formulate a plan for learning with a faculty sponsor
  • establish a relationship with a sponsor at the site
  • arrange their own accommodations
  • cover additional expenses of their one- to three-month stays, and
  • share their experiences upon return

Financial support for the Hegyvary Citizens of the World Scholarship comes entirely from private gifts and is an important source of sustained funding that allows the School to support students’ international engagement and global health endeavors.