August 21, 2019

Global Health Nursing Course

Registration time is upon us, and we are pleased to offer NURS 581: Global Health Nursing again this Autumn Quarter. This course has been designed by Co-directors, Sarah Gimbel and Pamela Kohler, to explore the health provider perspective and will give students an overview of global health equity. Instructor Sarah Gimbel will lead the class in discussions regarding:

• Global health measurement frameworks and global benchmarks
• UN Sustainable Development Goals
• Infectious and non-communicable diseases and injury
• Maternal, adolescent, and child health
• Workforce and human resources for health
• Emergency preparedness and management

This course is co-listed in the Department of Global Health as G H 574: Special Topics in Global Health and is listed as an accepted elective for graduate certificates in International Humanitarian Response, Global Health or Global Health of Women, Adolescents, & Children. Please contact the Center for Global Health Nursing (  with any questions regarding this course listing.  All graduate health science students are encouraged to register. Undergraduates may be considered with instructor permission.